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let’s start a rebellion

January 20, 2017

I posted this to my Facebook this morning, and then realized it properly belongs here.


Today, in Washington, D.C. our country will install a man as president that is in no way prepared or qualified for the role. A man who has promised to drag us back to the days when anyone who wasn’t white, straight and male could be ignored, overlooked, discriminated against, harassed, beaten and put to death with no reparations against those who committed the offense unless they too were not white, straight and male.

We have come a long way as a nation since those days, well at least sometimes we have. Clearly we still have issues. However, this man, and the political party he represents, seek to eliminate the poor through pulling what little they have away from them, kill the sick by removing their support systems through lack of funding, kill the people of color by looking the other way when cops disproportionately target them, kill the LGBT community by legalizing discrimination and hate and returning them to the closet out of fear for their lives.

I know we’ve all had moments of despair in recent weeks, that we’ve looked on this day with absolute dread, myself included. I would love to be at one of the many protest marches, but my agoraphobia told me early on that wouldn’t be a good plan, and the weather has completed the kibosh by flaring up my joint issues to the point that walking and using my arms for much really isn’t going to happen today. If you are out there marching: be safe, stay hydrated, wear sunblock (yes, even in winter), stick with your people. I’m there with you in spirit.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I will do myself to be a part of the resistance moving forward. I have resolved that I will not be ignored, I will not be overlooked, I will not allow discrimination and harassment to become American values. I will speak out, stand up, intervene. I will call out bigotry. But that isn’t enough. It must be accompanied by something else.

I will become militantly kind. Beyond just telling a bully to back off, I will minister to the needs of the bullied and when safe to do so, I will see if I can minister to the needs of the bully as well. I will continue to interact and help the homeless when I can. I will use my vote to counter hatred and bigotry when I can. I will speak with love in my voice and my words.

Do not misconstrue kindness for weakness, my friends. Kindness is the seed of hope. Rebellions are built on hope.

Go ahead and be angry, feel the burn of it and let it scour the emotional landscape clean. But when the flames have dimmed, it is time to plant. Militant Kindness. Let’s start a rebellion.

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