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time to start anew

December 31, 2016

It’s been a while since I was as eager to shed a year as I am this year.  I think we can all agree that 2016 was a strange, angry, sorrow-filled, confusing and eye-opening year.  There was a lot of loss, maybe it only seemed it was bigger and darker than other years.  Personal losses of friends was significant for me this year.  And the loss of so many of our heros and idols seemed to be bigger than recent memory.

I turned 48 years old this year, an age I couldn’t conceive of when I was in my teens. I lost a job and found a new one.  I re-published a book that took me years to create. I wrote a book which will be published in the new year.I traveled to new places and met some AMAZING people.  I lost 60 pounds, and gained some of it back.

Being Pagan, I do my “New Year” at Samhain in October, but New Year’s Eve always strikes me as a day to wipe away the lasting darkness, open a new book, a new chapter and write in hope.

We have challenges ahead of us in the coming year.  The political climate is rife with fury and fear that threatens to undo years, decades even, of progress. We can not allow that to happen.  Too many lives depend upon it.  I don’t generally do New Year’s resolutions, but this year I have one.  In 2017, I will respond with love, with kindness to whatever comes my way.  It is a rebellion in the country we live in today.  It is a rebellion against those who would remove protections for the vulnerable, steal money from the poor, turn their backs on the downtrodden and broken.

It is time to start anew in making our country strong and proud again.  It is time to start anew in love.

Wanna rebel?


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