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Forever (and ever)

June 23, 2016

Last week I was all set to post here with publishing news, but decided commentary on Orlando superseded my need to promo my new book.  Now, however, I can tell you all about Forever, and how you can get your very own copy.

Some of you reading may remember that I originally self-published Forever.  Earlier this year, Creativia publishing agreed to take it under their banner and republish it.  This meant a new edit, minor changes and a whole new cover.

Forever is the story of a woman named Amara, who was born of a vampire and raised by bloodthirsty family, but struggles with her humanity. The story follows her journey from her blood soaked beginning to her attempts to live as a mortal, into the dark places grief and pain drive her to and beyond as she tries to find the balance between the two sides of herself.

Book Blurb: Born in the dawn of man’s history, with forever laid out before her, Amara is neither human nor vampire and yet fully both; a killer, a child, a lover, a monster.

She wanders the world seeking redemption and vengeance in equal measure, discovering love in its many forms and loss in its deepest agony, as her life circles around two others who return to her again and again until their fates are set right.

“The ancient game is played out as three souls, born together in the lost pages of time, are as they were meant to be. But to tell that story, my story, I must go back to the beginning. To the time before I came to be. Before any of us had come to be.”

You can get a Kindle copy by clicking this link: Forever on Kindle

Or if you prefer a book, you can click here: Forever in Paperback

You can find me on Facebook at: Author Natalie J Case

On Twitter, I am @nataliejcase

And, if you’ve read the book I would appreciate an honest review. Reviews help sell books!

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