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…my heart aches…

June 12, 2016

I was planning on coming here this morning to post about the re-release of my novel “Forever” which is available on Kindle right now via…but instead, I woke to the news of yet another senseless tragedy.

Fifty people dead, fifty three injured in Orlando.  Fifty people who went out with their friends for a night of fun and now will never go home…because one man used a gun to tell the world that he didn’t like gay people.

This man took a weapon into a crowded nightclub and killed fifty people.

Now, we don’t really know all the details. We might never know.  We hear from this criminal’s father that he was anti-gay, that he was recently disgusted to see two men kissing.  And his response to that disgust was to go into a bar and kill people.

We can point fingers all we want, label this man as whatever “other” he needs to be to allow us to continue to justify the vitriol that passes for public discourse, but the truth is that as long as we allow politicians to garner fear and hatred which they use to purchase power, as long as we continue to deny that there is a very real and serious gun problem in this country, as long as we continue to deny basic civil and human rights to any group of people, this is the result we will have.

How many people have to die before we own up to our responsibility?

If you are in Orlando, and healthy enough to do so, please donate blood.  The blood supply is in crisis and they are open to donations to anyone, including gay men.  All blood will be screened.

If your response to this mass killing is to immediately blame someone “other” whether that other is due to religion or race or whatever, please take a moment to realize that the bad guy isn’t always “other” and our hatred feeds their hatred until our entire diet is consuming hatred with side dishes of anger and fury.

If your response to this mass killing is to praise this man for doing “god’s” work, no matter which god you attribute it too, please consider that any god worthy of devotion would not, could not condone mass murder and if your religion demands that you hate anyone, you should look for a new religion.

Love your neighbor, people.  All of them.  Even the “other” neighbor, the one who isn’t like you.  And please be safe.

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