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time to weigh in

December 4, 2014

*’Warning, this post contains vulgarity and an excessive fondness for the F-word*

Excuse me, can I get a minute?  I know I haven’t posted here in a while, but I’ve been ruminating, pondering and otherwise stewing up some thoughts about the apparently fucked up, sliding downhill faster than a squirrel on rollerskates, unequal, imbalanced world I seem to suddenly find myself in.

I’m the first to hold up a hand when I think someone is pulling the persecution card without cause, whether that perceived persecution is in relation to gender, skin color, ethnicity, religion, orientation, etc…etc…and I’m the first one to say that we as a society are too hung up on our sense of our own persecution.


We’ve got cops seeming to completely disregard common sense and the sanctity of life, killing folk left, right and center and it seems (of course I’ll freely admit that there is likely some media bias showing here) to be specifically aimed at black men.  We’ve got Christian pastors calling for the extermination of gay people by Christmas.  We’ve got women getting death threats over comments made on the internet, death threats credible enough to have the FBI involved.


What is everyone afraid of?  How does true equality threaten anyone?

Is it wrong somehow to expect a country founded on the idea that all men were created equal would actually evolve to treat everyone as equal?  We’ve made so many strides…on paper, women are equal to men (practice doesn’t seem to always measure up), we’re so close to same gender equality we can almost see it, we have a President who is a black man of mixed heritage.

And yet…look at this mess.  Everyone is so full of piss and vinegar, taking sides and sticking fingers in their ears, yelling at everyone else that they’re wrong.  No one is actually talking.  No one is looking to find the truth, to paint an honest picture.  When even the facts are in doubt because of conflicting statements from those who were present at an incident, no one has “the truth”…they have an opinion, based on which of the conflicting statements they believe.

What I do know is that we have become, as a whole, far, far too callous about the sanctity of a life.  When police shoot to kill even though the suspect they are firing on is unarmed, when police will not calm themselves down and actually take a moment to understand a situation, when people feel threatened by the very presence of a police officer and become belligerent in fear of their lives, when mental illness and drug addiction and homelessness is looked upon as something to be afraid of without understanding what it is and how to deal with it….we are a simmering pot of violence that is bound to overflow at any given provocation.

I don’t have answers, not big ones anyway.  For myself the answer is compassion.  It’s knowledge and understanding.  It’s support and shelter.  Maybe I’m naive to believe that treating other people like they are people…equal in every way to myself, will result in a better world.  I don’t think this is something we’re going to solve on a large scale…not right away.

People are afraid because they’ve learned to be afraid.  Either they sit in a place of privilege and are afraid of those “other” who they have been told want to come and take that privilege, or they come from a place of second citizenship and they are afraid that every effort to strive for freedom will result in mayhem and death as those above beat them back down.

Straight people don’t want gay people to have equal standing, because somehow sharing the right to be happy might diminish their own happiness.  White people don’t want black people to have equal standing because somehow sharing the right to education and success might diminish their own ability to succeed.  Men don’t want to give women equal standing because somehow a woman doing the same thing a man does might make the man less attractive.   Or something.

It is just so moronically stupid, so full of crap that it really should be drowning in its own fecal matter at this point.  And yet….and yet…

You want some rules for how to help expunge this disgusting human trait from our midst?

1) Be human, be humane:  treat every living thing like it matters, because it does

2) Be kind.  Kindness matters.

3) Allow the victim to tell his/her own story

4) Stop judging anything based on what the media tells you.

5) Give time/money/skills to lift up those who need a hand

6) Love unconditionally.  Love deeply.  Love fully. Make love the core of who you are, your center.

7) Never let hate supplant love in your heart, in your center.

8) Embrace the “other”

9) Learn from everyone you meet

10) Go out of your way once in a while to meet someone who is very different from you.

I’m not saying it will change the world….at least not overnight.  But it may just change you.

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