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…with hope in my heart….

December 25, 2013

This has been an incredibly good year for me.  Sure, I got laid off back in the spring, but it was maybe the best thing that could have happened at the time that it did.  I got a month off, more or less on my old employer…and I found an amazing job that I love with people I adore doing things that I enjoy.

I traveled.  A lot.  There were trips to Los Angeles and Phoenix, to Dallas and England.  

There was music.  Oh, yes.  There was music.  Old favorites and new surprises.  A taste of country and a little soul, some classic rock and some modern jazz.  I got to meet some amazing musicians again this year, and got to know a few I’d met before just a little bit better.  

There were friends.  So many friends, some I’ve known for years, some I just feel like I’ve known for years…and some I’ve only just begun to get to know.  This world has become such an incredibly small place, and yet is so vast and the distance so great that it can be overwhelming at times.  If I could will any sci-fi contraption into existence, it would be a Star Trek transporter, or the beaming device that SG1 got from the Asgard…that way I could visit my friends whenever I wanted…and without the $1600 price tag for the airfare.

My health has been up and down…but a lot more up than down.  I have a new doctor I adore and a new med plan that seems to be doing the trick.  

Creatively, I’ve grown a lot as well.  I’ve learned some new photography tricks.  I’ve improved my crochet technique.  I’ve stretched my writing muscles. 

All in all, I have to say that 2013 has been a good year for me.  I realize that hasn’t been true for everyone.  I realize that some of you can’t wait for this year to end and hold tight to the notion that 2014 will be better.

Here’s the thing…2014 will be better…but not if all you do is hope for it.  Better comes with a price.  It comes with choices, with work, with intent.  I have a little secret for you.  Scoot a little closer and read carefully.

See, there will always be things outside of your control.  There will be lay offs and accidents.  There will be loss. There will be illness and disease and arguments with friends and family.  But, these things do not completely define you, or the year they happen in.  You do. Sure, it can be overwhelming.  It can be too much.  I know this.

However, I challenge you today to remember that magic isn’t magic. I challenge you to choose to make your life a better place.  

How, you may ask?

It isn’t easy, but it starts with choice.  Pick something that is within your control, something that is not currently making you happy.  It can be something small.  Choose to change it.  Choose to make it something that makes you happy.  I’m not saying that first choice has to be life altering.  It isn’t about the size of the change…it’s about how the change makes you feel.  

Once you’ve done that, live with it a while, let the happiness of that one thing expand.  Let it guide you to the next thing that needs to change to make that happiness grow.

Sometimes those things are big and life altering.  Sometimes they’re painful…and sometimes you may think that the pain is too much.  

It takes time.  It takes getting to know yourself well.  I recommend sitting with yourself for a few minutes every night before you sleep or every morning when you wake to do a little inventory of what makes you happy and what contributes to your unhappiness.  It takes planning sometimes.  It takes work.

But I’m living proof of making it work.  You’ve got a few days before this year ends, and I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions…but maybe this is the year you resolve to be happy.  I can get behind that.

So it is, with hope in my heart and love filling my life to overflowing that I wish you and your family and friends a joyous holiday (whichever holiday you celebrate)  and  a new year filled with possibility.

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