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a small step forward

June 26, 2013

I am not an emotional person generally, but this morning as I was sitting on BART on my way into work, I cried.

My twitter feed exploded with news of the SCOTUS DOMA decision, and despite the fact that marriage has never been something I aspired to, I couldn’t help but react with joy that finally, FINALLY we were taking a small step forward. 

I was chatting on gchat with a friend in England at the same time, and trying to explain how the DOMA and Prop 8 decisions were different, waiting to see if the second decision would bring more happy tears, or the kind that come from a broken heart.

That wait for the Prop 8 decision seemed to take forever, but as I was riding the escalator up to the street, I saw the news that SCOTUS had struck it down, stating that the appealing parties lacked the standing to appeal the decision.

I cried the whole 2 block walk to my office.

It isn’t a complete victory.  There are still states that deny marriage equality.  There are still fights to be fought.  And the narrow margins of the decisions, both 5-4, tell us that this victory was very close to not happening.

But a victory it is.  Marriage equality returns to California.  The federal government will need to figure out what needs to be reworked to extend all of the rights and benefits of marriage to any same gender couple legally married.

It is a little overwhelming and amazing and powerful.

But it isn’t everything.  Let us take the day to celebrate equality and victory.  But let’s not forget that tomorrow we have to dig in and hold the line.  These battles may be over, but the war is far from won.

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