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…diet starts with die…

February 14, 2012

It occurs to me that the problem with the diet/weight loss industry is that it starts with a bad premise, then attempts to “fix” what is wrong based on that premise…and, it appeals to fat people in all the wrong ways.

To start with, look at the way they sell their product. They use guilt. They use fear. They prey on all of the fat person’s lack of self-esteem, their own self-hatred. They perpetuate the notion that you can not be the best you if you are fat.

Then, they assume that the reason you are fat is because you’re hungry. One has only to see all the ads talking about appetite suppression to see that. I don’t know about other fat people, I can only speak to my own issues, but I don’t generally eat because I’m hungry.

They promise us that they can fix us, and to do so we only have to spend some ridiculous sum of money that we already do not have on their product to do it.

Here’s a clue, fat folks, any product that tells you that you can lose weight and be happy without changing your diet is feeding you a line of crap. Sure, you may lose weight, but you haven’t changed anything, which means you will put it right back on as soon as you stop using the product.

Here’s another clue, if you, like me, don’t eat to excess because your body is telling you you’re hungry, your problem isn’t appetite control. Any product that promises to control your hunger isn’t going to do it for you.

Dieting is NOT going to fix you. Only one person can do that. You.

It isn’t easy, hell, I’ve been struggling with my weight for years, and I still binge. I still eat like an emo teenager after a break up sometimes.

There is no magic pill that will make you love yourself enough change how you eat. And changing how you eat won’t make you love yourself either. It’s a process, one that takes a lifetime.

You can’t do it for someone else. You can only do it for yourself.

Stop wasting money on diets and fads. Stop listening to advertising designed to make you feel bad about yourself. Stop hating on yourself when they don’t work. They aren’t designed to work. They’re designed to take your money and keep you coming back over and over again so you can keep losing the weight after you gain it back.

I’ve tried lots of them. Trust me on this. They always get me when I’m going through a dark phase, when I’m depressed. And I waste money and time on something that is NEVER going to help. My latest foray was Sensa. You’ve seen the ads. All you have to do is shake their product on your food and you’ll lose weight. You don’t have to change what you eat, you just put this stuff on it and *poof* the pounds disappear.

But really read the material. 30 pounds in 6 months is what they promise you. Five pounds a month.

Want to lose five pounds a month without wasting $90? Cut out refined sugar. Swear off candy bars. Stop putting sugar in your coffee. But, allow yourself a treat once in a while. You’ll find that eventually you stop wanting the sugar and your treats become something healthier. Hell, it could even save you some money.

Or you could start walking a little bit. Doesn’t even have to be much. Around the block after dinner.

Want to feel better about yourself? Every night before you go to bed, think about you. Find something about you that you like. Love even. It could be something as simple as “I have a nice smile” or “I did a good job on that report” or “I have pretty toes”….whatever it is, just hold that thought in your head for a minute before you go to sleep. Some nights, this isn’t very easy for me. I even forget sometimes. But I keep doing it. Because it works.

Another thing I do to feel better about myself is to try to help others feel good. I smile at people, hold the door when I don’t have to, offer to bring something back when I’m going out to lunch. It’s little stuff, but when it makes them smile back? It makes me feel good.

So there you have it…my rambling indictment of the diet industry. Screw them, love yourself.

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