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…to ink, or not to ink…

September 14, 2011

I do not hide the fact that I have tattoos.  In fact, I’m of the belief that if I spend money on ink it should be shown.  Unless of course it is something very personal, which is cool and righteous and even pretty damn nifty.  So far none of my tats are of that particular variety.

I have three right now.

My first was a unicorn on my left ankle.  He is in the rampant position, and is primarily black, with some blue shading and red around the horn, not really a girly sort of thing at all.

The second is also a unicorn of sorts, but also not girly.  He is on my left upper arm and is more of a tribal band with the head of a unicorn in the middle.

Both of these are inspired by my writing.  One of my earliest attempts at serious authorship was a series of short stories that all have, as a primary focus, a black unicorn.

To be fair, I have to attribute the idea to Terry Brooks.  It was in his books that I first encountered the concept of a black unicorn.  Until I read those “Magic Kingdom” books I, like most young women enraptured by fantasy, thought of unicorns only in their pure, white, pretty configuration.

But then, having read those books, my brain took off and suddenly I could have strong, powerful, dark unicorns and a whole series of short stories was born.  Years later, when I was considering my first tattoo, it was that image that stuck with me.

My third tattoo are lyrics to a song.  The song is “Pinata Novia” which was written and sung by Steve Carlson.  The lyrics come from the chorus of the song and they wind around the lower part of my right arm, from my elbow down to my wrist.  The words are “Sorry I’m breaking you open, but it’s just what you want me to do.”

I chose these words for a number of reasons.  They’ve resonated with me since the first time I heard them, which is true for many of the other reasons that I chose them.  On a spiritual level, one thing I learned over the years of shamanic practice is that often, healing can not take place without first breaking the wound open again.

There’s also the concept that emotionally, in order to truly know/love a person we have to break through the walls, get past the defenses…breaking them open so that we can share our lives with them.

On a more shallow note, the look on Steve’s face when I showed it to him was priceless and totally worth every penny I spent on the tattoo.

I currently have two tattoos that I am looking at getting soon.  The first will be more of the words from “Pinata Novia”.  They will be placed to mirror the first set, going up from wrist to elbow on the same arm.  Those words will be “I don’t know why I’m always trying to get inside of you” which are the first words of the chorus. For me, these words talk mostly to the emotional aspect of the first set, the expression of the confusion of not only trying to understand that other person, but of letting your own walls fall in the attempt, of opening yourself while trying to open the other.

The other one currently being planned/thought about has to do with writing again.  I know that sometimes when I talk about writing with people who don’t write, I sound a bit like a crazy person, so I offer this up knowing that there are those out there who will think this makes me insane.

See, I have this character in an erotic story.  He’s not a nice guy.  He’s a pirate, actually, and not in the Disney sort of way.  In fact, he’s probably the most sadistic character I’ve ever written.  However, he’s sort of also larger than life in my head.  As with all of my characters who become a part of who I am, he likely comes from some part of myself, a part I don’t indulge, a part I probably don’t want to let out into the light in this case.

He’s possessive and angry, he enjoys making his playthings hurt.  He is kind of scary, even for someone like me who doesn’t mind a little pain with my play.  He likes to mark his things.

The tattoo I’m considering for him will be my largest one…and it will probably go on my right thigh or my back.  It will be a sword and manacles/chain.  I can not draw, but I have artist friends and someone is working on drawing it for me now.

I hope to get the lyrics done in the next month or so.  The sword will be sometime after my trip to Europe in December.

I doubt that will be the end of my adventures in ink…because I really rather do enjoy the process, the creativity, the feeling, the look…everything about it appeals to me.

I just felt like sharing.


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  1. September 14, 2011 4:44 pm

    Yay ink!

    I’m getting another in mid-October, to celebrate a number of things. Behind my left ear, the words “molon labe” in Greek.

    As my roomie puts it, that’s Greek for “Come at me, Bro.” 😀

    • September 14, 2011 4:49 pm

      Nice! I’m hoping to get the lyrics in the next few weeks. It will depend on when I can get in to see the guy who did the first set, and how much I spend in Vegas this weekend. It will be my birthday present to myself.

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