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friends forever

October 21, 2010

The world is a very different place today than it was twenty years ago.  Twenty years ago I was twenty two and my friendships were based on people I had met at various points in my life that I somehow managed to connect to.  They were all people I knew in the manner that we had spent time in the same physical space.

Today, at least half of the people that I would consider “friends” are folks I may never actually meet in person.    We find each other in various ways…from mutual appreciation of a television show (Stargate, Supernatural, Leverage…and others probably) or music (Kane, Steve Carlson and many others) to similar beliefs or a desire to converse about belief (*waves hi to all those B-Net people*).

We communicate via message boards, forums, Facebook, Twitter, Email, text messages…and sometimes we actually get to meet.  Some of my favorite experiences in the last five years have revolved around getting to meet people I’ve only known online…from fan run “conventions” where we gather to talk about the craziest minute details of our fandom obsessions to actual celebrity conventions (Okay, so I’ve only been to one…still)…to the phenomenon known among my friends only as the Summer of Kane.

There is a special kind of magic that happens when people gather together who share a love of something.  The excitement begins when just two of you meet up.  It builds as others come along.  Suddenly, it becomes Christmas and your 21st birthday and lottery winning all rolled into one night/weekend.

Even if you’ve never known any of the people you meet before that moment, you are bonded.  There is a common thread, a connection that remains long after the weekend is over.

Some of my best friends in life are people I met this way.  We live hundreds of miles apart.  In some cases, in different countries…and we treasure every single moment we can spend together.  We spend thousands of dollars every year traveling to meet up with one another, just so we can spend a weekend together.

Generally, there’s a gig or a con involved too…and we rock out hard and heavy, no denying…We maybe would have never met if not for Christian Kane and his group of guys playing music for us, so we’ll worship at the altar whenever we can.

But I realize, as I face my first Weekend of Kane without the two of them with me, that somehow it just isn’t quite the same.  I’m sure the gigs will rock, and my other friends and I (including those I don’t know) will have a blast…but a part of me will be missing my girls.


…good thing I’ll see them in Vegas a few days later…

I love you, girls.  Can’t wait until we’re together again.

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