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a step closer

August 12, 2010

Today, in a federal court in California a federal judge will make a decision that will affect a lot of people.  This one man has been cast in a difficult role, and no matter what he decides, there will be those on all sides of the decision who will ridicule him, will call his bias into question, who will hold him up to the kind of scrutiny that public figures are subject to in today’s world.

Here is a man in the unenviable position of determining first the constitutionality of a controversial and emotionally heavy issue, and then how and when his ruling on that issue should go into effect.

Hanging in the balance are thousands of LGBT families.

The fear and anger on both sides of this argument are high.  The potential for hurt and hate is astronomical.  And in the end, the answer is inevitable.

When stripped of the emotional responses based in personal preference and religious instruction, what argument is left standing that keeps LGBT couples from entering the social contract we call marriage?  I have yet to hear one that doesn’t fail under logical examination.

We have same gender marriage laws in five states today, including Iowa of all places.  Mexico recently decided that gay marriages performed in Mexico City must be recognized nationwide.  It may be a slow process, but the forward momentum is building and whether or not some people are ready for it, same gender marriage is coming.

We are a country built on the idea that one man’s rights do not supersede another’s.  Sometimes it takes a while for us to get it right.  Today, Judge Walker has the job of taking us a step closer.

I look forward to seeing my fellow LGBT folk who chose marriage have their day.  In fact, I have my minister’s license all shined up and ready to start signing those marriage papers for folks.

Everybody ready?

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