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The Obligatory Hello

July 28, 2010


I’m Natalie.  You can read a little about me by clicking the link above that says “a little info about me…”.  Nice synchronicity there, right?

At the moment I am currently elaborating on my background in my first posts here.  Just giving folks a look at where I’m coming from.

In the future I’ll be writing about any number of things, including all those things you avoid at the dinner table, family reunions and first dates.  I’ll discuss religion and politics, how they intersect and what they take away from one another as well as what they give each other.  I’ll talk about being fat in a society that celebrates skinny.

I’ll talk about family and personal responsibility.  I am not politically correct and I believe in saying what I mean as clearly as I am able and hearing (and understanding) what others are saying as well as I can.

I invite y’all to talk about these things with me.  Even if we disagree.  How else do we learn from each other and challenge ourselves to grow?

I may also talk about photography and places I’ve gone or people I’ve met while hauling my camera around.  And on occasion, I may ramble about lighter subjects too.

I look forward to the journey.


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  1. Janet permalink
    July 31, 2010 5:52 am

    *waves* I’m thinking of doing one of these myself. Good luck with yours.

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